Knowing Alpha and Omega

Cling only to the God-Presence within you, because in Truth, there is nothing else!

People, don’t last. Things, don’t last. Relationships, don’t last. Financial security, doesn’t last. Created works, don’t last. Self-help, doesn’t last. Self-improvement, doesn’t last. Addiction, doesn’t last. The world, doesn’t last.

But God does! God-Mind is infinite and eternal. God-Spirit is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end (Revelation 22:13), in and out, our waking up and our lying down… (Psalm 3:5) All of these God knows and sees and is, and beyond, God still is.

For this realization, we give thanks! We let it be so throughout our being – in body, heart, mind and soul! For it is God who has made us, and not we ourselves. (Psalm 100:3) And so it is!

On Being Christ-minded

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.
–Philippians 2:5 (KJV)

As electrical current flows through a cord that is plugged into the outlet, let me be plugged into the Father, conduct the Holy Spirit, and be equal in mind to the anointed Christ! By the Power of God working in and through me, it is so. Amen.

Threads of Creativity

I want to write a poem,
But all I can do is play -
I play with words,
I play with music;
I play with threads.

And it feels good.
I warp;
I weave.
I un-weave.
I’ve even un-warped a time or two.

But I always warp again,
Setting up a new frame of reference.
And I weave some more,
Entwining thread after thread…

Weaving a life,
A picture,
A song.

Is it threads?
Or is it words?
Or is it notes?

It doesn’t matter.
It’s all rhythm,
All energy,
All thought,
All creativity,
Vibrating and singing through me.

I want to write a poem.
But I can’t.
All I can do is weave one.
And so I do.

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Happy New Month…welcome to the month of Purity!

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Photo credit: Lilium – Lilies on Facebook

A new month dawns!
A new page opens!
For new stories to write!
In an old Book of Life!
New month, new page, new stories,
In an old Book of Life!

A new Cycle of Purity dawns!
A new Outpouring of Purity!
A new Special Call on Womanhood!
From an old Primordial Voice!
New cycle, new Supply, new Call,
From an old Fountain of Pure Womanhood!

All Hail the Month of Womanhood!

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Spirit Bright

For the 2014 Be the Change Songwriting Challenge at

I don’t usually post lyrics and chords, because lining them up is a feat requiring great patience and a certain amount of insanity if you can’t see the screen! But this song is especially important to me, so I thought it might be to someone else as well.

Feel free to cover or create your own arrangement of this song! Please include the following in your description and/or tags:

Spirit Bright
Lyrics and Music by Crystal L. Howe
Copyright 2014 by Crystal L. Howe. Used with permission.

And share a link to your recording, either here or on SoundCloud! Thank you!

Spirit Bright – Lyrics and Chords

Instrument: Cedar/rosewood tenor ukulele (linear/low G tuning)

3/4 time
Key of A


A7 D
We use our hands to meet demands
A E7
That people ask us to.
A A7 D
Not always well or in our plans,
A E7
But it starts with me and you
D E7 A A7
To let the Truth shine through.

D E7 D A
May your hands reflect your heart,
A7 D A E7
And may your heart be light.
A E7 D A
May your mind always come back to its part
E7 A A7 D
And follow your Spirit bright,
A E7 A
Follow your Spirit bright.

Our hearts are touched by every spark;
Not one can pass us by.
To harden them would leave us barred,
Because even when we cry,
In Truth we never die.


The mind, it spins and whirls around
With what was or what could be.
A F#m D A
By worrying it hits the ground
(cont. as prior verses)
And can’t look up to see
The Truth that sets it free,


Last refrain:
D E7 D A
May your hands reflect your heart,
A7 D A E7
And may your heart be light.
May your mind always come back to its part
A E7 A A7 D
And follow your Spirit bright,
A E7 D A
Follow your Spirit bright.